Acoustic Guitars

Hybrid Model

I am very excited to finally introduce my new model. The hybrid model, this shape can made with different lower and upper bout widths while maintaining a similar shape. This model is a symmetrical body that lends itself to more traditionally styled shapes. One very special feature of the new hybrid model guitar is in the sides. I have spent hundreds of man-hours developing this new feature. I wanted to develop a new model that will allow me to make the most out of my instruments. However, I did not want to stray too far away from the more traditionally designed top and back structures that we commonly see in guitars today. This led me to look at the sides as well as the neck. The sides for acoustic guitars are acoustically dead; they do not contribute to the sound. However, they can take away from the tone of the instrument and cause structural issues. They can take away from the vibration of the top and back by flexing as the top and back are in motion. As the top moves down the back will flex out due to the pressure created within the body. As the top flexes downward the sides will want to flex outward to accommodate the motion of the top as well as the pressure increase within the body. If the sides flex outward with the top then the overall body pressure is decreased due to the increased volume from the sides thus taking some of the pressure from the back causing less movement of back as well as the top. My sides will not flex at all to these pressures. They are so stiff that they can withstand most if not all of the string tension all by themselves. Traditional sides without the top and back glued on them are incredibly weak. They take almost zero effort to flex. My sides take an enormous amount of effort to flex even the slightest amount.  The idea behind this design feature was to squeeze every last bit of energy out of the guitar top`s motion. By doing so, the guitar is more stable and better able to with stand the strain that the strings put on the body, while sounding better. With the carbon sides I have taken my guitars one step further. I now offer with this model a cantilevered neck. This keeps the neck off of the top, which allows the top to breath more. This model can be built in a 00 all the way up to a jumbo- archtop options available as well.


-Cutaway option being designed right now and will be available soon.