Ordering Info


      A deposit of 100$ is required to reserve your spot in the waiting list and to lock in that current pricing. Once I recieve the initial deposit we will begin to select the woods choices and confim the details. After all of the details and materials are selected and your built time slot arrives an additional 400$ deposit required to begin the work. This amount may be larger if the materials for the upgrades are very expensive, i.e. Brazilian Rosewood. The total deposit is non refundable once work has begun. The balance of the total price is due upon completion of the guitar. During the build process I will provide progress pictures of the guitar as it is being built.


        The shipping costs are the buyers responsibility. I prefer to use next day shipping to reduce any carrier`s chance of damaging the instrument. I am willing to travel 200 miles to drop off the instrument to the customer to reduce the risk of damage through the mail carriers. I ask that all customers take video or photos of the instrument as they are opening the packaging upon recieving the instrument. This can be used as evidence to make an insurance claim against the shipping carrier. 

Return Policy

      Upon recieving the guitar the owner has a 72 hour grace period to decide if they would like to keep it or not. If the guitar has a major or glaring issue not a "feeling", I will do what ever possible to make it right. After allowing Dead Tree Guitars to rectify the issue, if the owner still would like to return the guitar in original condition, they then have two options. Option one, they can return it for their payment in full minus the shipping costs and the initial deposit once the instrument is sold. Option 2, the customer can return the guitar and allow Dead Tree Guitars to build you another instrument to your liking. If the instrument was highly customized with inlay and had features that suited the owner only, then the necessary modifications to make the guitar more marketable to the majority will be subtracted from the refund amount.  I have not had anyone ever return a guitar yet, but these things need to be clarified.